The Hidden Gem of Zamboanga del Norte

We decided to explore and to go an on adventure with my friends in Zamboanga del Norte. So here’s the video of our trip.

-Situbo Falls, Tampilisan
-Guisapong Falls
-Caracol Beach, Salug
-Banigan, Liloy
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Situbo Falls in Tampilisan, Zamboanga del Norte


Situbo Falls is one of the many still unspoiled waterfalls in the Philippines, resplendent, mighty, and powerful as it thunders down to a refreshing cool pool, waiting for you to be discovered.

The Ruins – a vestige of a love story


If you are going to Bacolod City, PH going to the Ruins should definitely be in your checklist or itinerary. Why? Because this structure is filled with rich historical memories which will fascinate you.

Dumaguete City Belltower


The St. Catherine of Alexandria Cathedral , a byword to the Dumaguete Belfry  is also another historical monument. It is the largest church in the city and was built the same year that the Bell Tower was. With a gilded and ornate altar, high ceilings and hanging chandeliers, the church is a grandiose display of traditional European architecture. The facade is also worthy of praise, having undergone a recent restoration in the year 2005. The brick stone pathway lends an old world feel, much appropriate for perhaps a lady with a Spanish lace veil over her head emerging from a horse drawn carriage.


Say YES to the next Adventure


This photo taken at Salagdoong Beach, Siquijor, Philippines  with my sister.  The place was so amazing and the stunning  blue crystal clear water, it’s the hidden gem. Top beaches I’ve ever been to and I highly recommend it to visit this beach.



Testing the Roxant Video stabilzer on a GoPro. It works well when you properly balance the weights and the camera. And it takes more practice on how to use it properly specially the movement of your body.